The Pineapple Express team is ready to plant more Pineapples throughout the world and welcome new Pineapples! Follow the below instructions and you will be on your way owning your own franchise.

Step 1
Complete the online expression of interest form. The PDF will automatically download when you click the link to the left.

Step 2
Pineapple Express assesses your expression of interest form and issues you a franchising pack, application form and confidentiality agreement.

Step 3
Pineapple Express contacts yourself via, email, phone or in person.

Step 4
Pineapple Express organises the head of franchising to meet with you and partners to explore options.

Step 5
Refundable deposit of $1000 is paid.

Step 6
The formal franchising process begins; confirm franchise area, meet with Head of marketing and branding, interior designer, Pineapple Development Team( fit out) confirm finance and franchise agreement.

Step 7
Pineapple is then on its way to GROW.

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